Sign our petition to get the Parliament to ratify Paris Climate Agreement ASAP

Parliament, it’s time to step up with the rest of the world and ratify the Paris Climate Agreement.

London, UK - November 29, 2015: Protester dressed up like a polar bear to support the campaign against climate change. Shot during the Climate March in London.

The Paris Climate Agreement is the largest climate deal in history. 197 countries, including the US, China and the EU have agreed to cut emissions to keep global temperature below 2 degrees of the pre-industrial standard. **applause**

The Australian Parliament has tabled the agreement but have yet to take any action.

Sign our petition calling for Parliament to ratify ASAP:

Last Friday we made a formal submission to Parliament on the issue.




To Members of Parliament and Senators,

The Paris Agreement brought 197 countries together around a historic common goal: limiting global warming to “well below” two degrees.

We call on the Australian Government to ratify the Paris Agreement before the end of 2016. It is essential Australia show our unequivocal support to the global effort to reduce emissions.

To meet our commitment to the global community under the Paris Agreement Australia must strengthen its emissions reduction target. The current target of 26-28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 falls well short of the effort required to limit warming to below 2 degrees.

The Australian Government’s Climate Change Authority reported in 2014 that a target of 45-65% below 2005 levels by 2030 was required to limit warming to below 2 degrees. The Climate Change Authority’s recommended target is based on science and Australia’s fair share. This target should be adopted as a matter of priority.

The Australian Government is increasingly lagging behind the business and investment community on climate action. Companies in Australia and around the world are looking to set targets based on science while the Government continues to set targets based on political convenience.

The Government must show leadership on climate change.

Yours sincerely,


Phil Vernon

Managing Director of Australian Ethical Investment

Join us in calling on Parliament to act now. We’ll send all the names to the Federal Government in support of ratification.

Sign your support!


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