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In-house research team

We believe you can’t outsource integrity, that’s why we have an in-house research team whose bespoke, ongoing analysis underpins all our investments and drives change through active company engagement. Their research uses ethical frameworks around sectors or issues that are updated as the world and our understanding of it changes.


The right thing

Our ethical approach means there are some sectors we don’t invest in. For example, we have never invested in tobacco.


The smart thing

Reinvesting money into clean and sustainable companies is the smart thing to do - it ensures money is driving a better future.


Lasting change

We believe our purpose as ethical investors is to earn an attractive return by funding the positive transformation the world needs.

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Who we don't invest in

Sometimes there will be destructive companies and sectors where we're more than happy to be black and white in our thinking. For example, we don't invest in tobacco, coal mining companies or nuclear weapon companies.
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Who we invest in

We are invested in a vibrant mix of companies, large and small across a range of industries both in Australia and around the world. They're connected by our conviction that their success is linked to society's prosperity and the planet's wellbeing.
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Corporate engagement

Our drive for meaningful change doesn't stop at investing. It's a responsibility of ethical investors to practice active shareholder ownership and advocacy.

Our ethical investment voice can, and does, influence companies and governments to change for the better.


Engaging with companies helps us build a deeper understanding of their positive and negative impacts, and any obstacles to a more sustainable future. 


As shareholders, we actively engage in shareholder resolutions and vote for the changes we want to see. 


We may divest our holding if we find a company does not meet our stringent ethical criteria. We believe divesting can help start real conversations for change, trigger chain reactions and grab headlines. 

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