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Build a clean energy future

We invest in solar, geothermal, hydro and wind companies, such as Vestas who have raised over 51,000 wind turbines across 73 countries.


Provide good returns

Ethical funds have outperformed non-ethical funds over the past 10 years

Source: Responsible Investment Association Australasia, 2014 Responsible Investment Benchmark Report


Send a message to big coal

Divesting from our worst polluters has potential to sway public opinion and expedite strong government action to deal with climate change.


Promote human rights

We don’t have investments in any companies involved in poor treatment of asylum seekers, or companies that exploit workers with poor working conditions

Our Approach

Positive, profitable investments

Australian Ethical Charter Companies We Invest In

Good investments in areas such as:

Clean Energy

Sustainable Products

Medical Solutions

Innovative Technology

Responsible Banking



Energy Efficiency


Aged Care

We avoid companies involved in:


Coal Seam Gas







Human Rights Abuses

Harmful Products

Competitive Returns

Our default Balanced (accumulation) investment option outperformed the median default investment option for the one year period to 30 June 2015.


Source: SuperRatings June 2015 Crediting Rate Survey.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

What our members are saying...

"I’ve always held my superannuation with Australian Ethical. I love that my own financial future is invested in a clean, clever and humane tomorrow. It’s an easy way of being green, and the returns aren’t bad either!"

Ingrid Neilson - Communicator, Environmentalist

"Making the switch to Australian Ethical was simple, rewarding and marks another personal step towards my goal of becoming a conscious consumer."

Tim Silverwood - Environmentalist, Founder of Take 3

"Given the options of the different super funds I had, Australian Ethical Super was the only one that, according to my principles, gave me the assurance that my money was in safe hands."

Eli Buxeda - Photographer, Graphic Designer

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Regardless of whether you know where all your other super is, we’ve make the process to get it all into Australian Ethical Super easy and paperless.

Simply select when you join online that you want to use our ‘Automatic Rollover Service’ and we’ll do the rest: We’ll find out where your other super is, and automatically roll it in to Australian Ethical Super.

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