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Make your money matter

The power of financial markets can be harnessed to bring about social change.

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Who said you had to choose?

For years, people thought impact and returns were incompatible but more people are waking up to the fact this isn't always true. Your investments can have a positive impact without necessarily compromising returns.

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Only investing ethically since 1986

We invest ethically – and only ethically – and we do it well. This means all our investments are underpinned by our ethical approach, not just one or two options.

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In 1986, our founders set out to invest for a better world by using money as a force for good. Today this means working on our carbon intensity, investment in renewable power generation and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Open your eyes

Collectively, we have the power to change the world by investing in the good. We want as many people as possible to know this, so we’ve created a unique and interactive way to spread this message.

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FYResults_Award-SR-MySuper-120x120-min-1629798968488.png FYResults_Award-SR-MyChoice-120x120-min-1629798968347.png FYResults_Award-SR-Pension-120x120-min-1629798968630.png


SuperRatings GOLD

For MySuper, MyChoice and Pension



Finder Green Superannuation Fund of the Year 2021
Responsible Investment Leader 2021


B Corps Best for the World

For Customers and Governance



Financial Standard Leadership Awards

Australian Ethical Australian Shares Fund - Winner ESG Australian Equities 2021



Money Management Fund Manager of the Year 2021

Australian Ethical Australian Shares Fund - Winner Responsible Investments

++SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite this product. See the website for details of its ratings criteria. SuperRatings performance figure is net of percentage based administration and investment fees.

B Corps ‘Best for the World Honouree’ Customer 2021 and Corps ‘Best for the World Honouree’ Governance.The Best for the World are B Corps whose score in the top 5% of all 3,500+ B Corps worldwide. This relates to the Australian Ethical entity, not the investment portfolio. 

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