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Australian Ethical Foundation

Supporting the change-makers, the visionaries, the people who can see a brighter world.

 Our 10% difference

Every year, we donate 10% of profits (after tax and before bonus) to the Australian Ethical Foundation to create environmental and social impact in Australia and overseas. Since 1986, we’ve donated over $5 million, driving positive outcomes for people, animals and the planet. The Foundation donates funds through a public grant round, Visionary Grants, and a private invitation round, Strategic Grants.


Visionary Grants

Have you got a vision for a brighter, sustainable future?

We believe the power of philanthropy can be utilised to ignite early stage, high-impact ventures. We are now accepting Expressions of Interest to fund initiatives that could change the game in the fight against climate change.

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Our approach

A planet with warming above 1.5 degrees will undermine the systems we depend on for healthy people, animals and the environment. As such, we focus our philanthropy to drive real change at a systems and grassroots level to help fight climate change. We utilise our funding to:

  • support innovative climate solutions;
  • scale effective and proven climate mitigating activities and;
  • inspire a new vision for a sustainable and climate safe world

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Strategic Grant Recipients

Pollinate Group

Pollinate Group

We're funding Pollinate Group's work in Nepal to empower entrepreneurs to bring clean, sustainable energy solutions to the communities they live in.
Food Frontier

Food Frontier

We’re funding the work of Food Frontier – Australia and New Zealand’s think tank and expert advisor on alternative proteins – to help diversify protein supply with safe and sustainable alternatives.
Karkkad Kanjdji Trust

Karkkad Kanjdji Trust

We’re working with Mimal Land Management Aboriginal Corporation and the Karrkad Kanjdji Trust (KKT) to support Indigenous women rangers in West and Central Arnhem Land protect and strengthen their culture, communities and the environment.


The Australian Ethical Foundation is a registered charity.