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We're the original

 Why we're different

Since 1986, Australian Ethical has made ethics the starting point for all its investments. Our success is built on the principle that money can be used to create a path to a better future.

Investment excellence

An award-winning team of investment professionals generating long-term value.



An ethical model that goes deeper than ESG and avoids greenwash.



An established history of growing our customers’ money while making a positive impact on people, planet and animals.



We’ve always been a purpose-driven business and are driven to change the world through our advocacy, our active company engagement and our philanthropic Foundation. Our ethical investing approach contributes to the shift towards a more sustainable future and generates long-term value for our customers.

The Ethical Charter

Our Charter established the foundation for how we invest and how we’ve always invested. It guides us in seeking out investments to support, and those to avoid.

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Our 10% difference

When we first began in 1986, it was written into our constitution that we would gift 10% of profits (before bonuses and after tax) to charitable, benevolent and conservation causes. To date, through our Australian Ethical Foundation, we've donated over $5 million to impact initiatives around Australia and the world.

As we adapt and evolve to the unfolding climate catastrophe, the core focus of the Foundation's work will be to address climate change as effectively as possible.

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