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End of financial year cut-off dates and information about making contributions to your superannuation.
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Investment excellence


Good for the planet and your portfolio

Who said you had to choose between making a positive impact and making money?

Our award-winning investment team channels money to companies creating a better world while also delivering strong returns.

Strong, long term performance

While we can’t predict future performance based on the past, our award-winning team has delivered a track-record of strong performance for customers.

Australian Shares Super option

Ranks #1 for returns over 3, 5, 7 and 10 years1

super performance

SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey – SR50 Australian Shares Index as at 31 March 2022.

High Growth Fund

Ranks #3 for returns over 3, 5 and 10 years2

managed funds performance

Mercer Investment Performance Survey of Retail-All Growth (Actual Ranking) as at 31 March 2022.

Investment philosophy

Every investment we make across our entire $6 billion portfolio must meet the requirements of our Ethical Charter.

The Charter steers us into parts of the economy that are good for the planet, people and animals, and away from harmful sectors.

We believe companies with a social and environmental purpose as part of their competitive strategy will thrive in a low-carbon, equitable future.

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Ready to invest with a clear conscience?

Managed Funds
Managed Funds

Balancing ethical considerations and professional investment management. We proactively seek out companies that do good.


7 ethical-only options invested in emerging growth sectors, avoiding harmful ones, plus some eye-catching performances.


An ethical and competitive pension that lets you choose what sort of companies you do or don't want to support in retirement.

Awards & ratings

Here are some of our recent accolades. 

Global Reporting Initiative Community Member 2022

Commitment to transparency and sustainable decision-making

GRI_Community member mark_2022-1648694725008.png

RIAA Responsible Investment Leader 2021
B Corps Best for the World 2021

For Customers and Governance

B corps best for the world


Tobacco Free Finance Pledge Signatory

B corps best for the world



Managed Funds


Money Magazine Best of the Best 2022

Australian Ethical Diversified Shares Fund - Best Australian Equities ESG Fund

ILA_Logo_2021_ESG_ESG AE Winner-1634704775682.png


Financial Standard Leadership Awards 2021

Australian Ethical Australian Shares Fund - Winner ESG Australian Equities 2021

ILA_Logo_2021_ESG_ESG AE Winner-1634704775682.png


Money Management Fund Manager of the Year 2021

Australian Ethical Australian Shares Fund - Winner Responsible Investments

FMOTY2021 finalist Responsible Investments-1634704861081.png




SuperRatings Infinity 2022

Responsible investment leaders++

SR0018_SRLogo-Blue_HiRes-1635742115739.jpg SR2022_HiRes_Infin-1635738840697.jpg

SuperRatings GOLD 2022

For MySuper and MyChoice++

SR0018_SRLogo-Blue_HiRes-1635742115739.jpg SR2022_RGB_MySuper-Gold-1640125055530.png SR2022_RGB_Choice-Gold-1640125051702.png

Money Magazine Best of the Best 2021

Best ESG Trailblazer



Finder Green Superannuation Fund of the Year 2020 & 2021



SuperRatings Best performing SR50

Australian Shares option first over 5 years 2015-2020

SR0018_SRLogo-Blue_HiRes-1635742115739.jpg FYResults_Award-SR-2015-2020-120x120-1634805650758.png


Mozo People's Choice 2021

Most Recommended - Superannuation

Most Recommended_300px-1634704963082.png





SuperRatings GOLD 2022

For Pension++

SR0018_SRLogo-Blue_HiRes-1635742115739.jpg SR2022_RGB_Pen-Gold-1640124924789.png

Meet the team

Our team of investment professionals generate long-term value for our customers across a range of asset classes.

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Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Australian Ethical offers a diverse range of super options and managed funds depending on your investment objective, timeframe and risk profile. See other options for super performance and managed funds performance.

1Australian Ethical Super’s Australian Shares option ranks #1 for returns over 3 years (15.73%), 5 years (12.36%) out of 46 funds, ranks #1 over 7 years (11.52%) out of 45 funds and #1 over 10 years (13.09%) out of 42 funds according to the SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey – SR50 Australian Shares Index as at 31 March 2022.

2Australian Ethical High Growth Fund ranks #3 for returns over 3 years (10.2%), 5 years (9.7%) over 13 funds and 10 years (11.5%) over 10 funds according to Mercer Investment Performance Survey of Retail-All Growth (Actual Ranking) as at 31 March 2022.

++SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite this product. See the website for details of its ratings criteria. SuperRatings performance figure is net of percentage based administration and investment fees.