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Animal advocacy

Animals are sentient, their quality of life matters and we should not cause them unnecessary harm. This principle is built into our Ethical Charter, is applied in our investment decisions and drives a large part of our advocacy and engagement.

Animal protection issues are often overlooked by companies and by other investors, even those in the responsible investment community. We are trying to change this by putting animal protection on the agenda. Here are some examples of our work.     

Advocating for an end to live animal export
We do not invest in live export companies or companies that raise animals for live export. We also avoid companies that facilitate the trade.
Advocating for plant-based diets
We are part of global initiatives to increase the use of plant-based protein, and to raise animal welfare standards across the agriculture and food supply sectors.
Advancing alternatives to animal research
We have engaged with around 20 healthcare companies that are involved, directly or indirectly, in animal research.