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Member outcome assessment

At Australian Ethical...

We're quietly satisfied with how our Superannuation is going in terms of growth and performance.
We know we can improve and we're always looking at how we can give our members the best experience possible.

Last year we were able to improve our insurance offering both in terms of cost, and terms and conditions.
We'll continue to look at our fees which have steadily reduced in previous years.


Investment returns for the MySuper option are above median for all periods apart from 10 years, and more recently returns have been in the top 3 of MySuperFunds measured by SuperRatings*.


The Trustee reviews fees regularly and implements reductions where possible and fees have reduced steadily in previous years due to the increase in member accounts and total funds under management. The strategy is to continue to grow the Fund’s membership and FUM.


The insurances offered by the Fund are competitive and are unlikely to inappropriately erode the retirement outcomes of members who take up insurance. The offering was reviewed and updated in October 2020, improving on the premiums, and terms and conditions previously provided.

*SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey at 30 June 2020.