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Portfolio Holdings Disclosure

Portfolio Holdings Disclosure

Your money builds the world around you today and your super is building the world you’ll retire into, the one that future generations will inherit.

Australian Ethical has always made its investments public and has always been comfortable that some of them may not be for everyone. Our Portfolio Holdings Disclosure takes this to a deeper level so you can see exactly where your money is invested.

We’ve also always been about returns and as a successful investment manager we walk the talk that making money and doing good is not hard. But returns aren’t enough in driving the change and impact we need. That’s why as active shareholders we engage with the companies we invest in to push them to improve; through our ethical stewardship we advocate for meaningful change, while our Foundation helps to unleash the power of innovative climate solutions.

So dive in and have a look because when it comes to Super, you want your future to be in safe hands.

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