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To provide members with returns only moderately above inflation over
a medium time horizon with low to medium levels of investment risk.


Minimum investment timeframe 3 years
Risk level Low to medium
Investors that the fund may suit Members closer to, or in retirement, who need to protect their retirement savings and keep up with inflation or members who want a low volatility option.


Strategic asset allocation*

Asset class Strategic Range % Actual Allocation %
Interest-bearing investments 20 - 100 74.3
Property 0 - 15 4.8
Australian and New Zealand shares^ 0 - 20 10.3
International shares 0 - 20 10.6
Alternatives 0 - 15 0

* This information is current as at 1 July 2020 and is subject to change.

^ No more than 20% of the option's exposure to Australian and New Zealand shares will come from securities listed on the New Zealand stock exchange.

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