Good Money 9 Oct 2009 competition

Call for entries for national documentary film competition

Australian Ethical, in association with Documentary Australia Foundation, is calling for film makers to submit a mini-documentary piece on the theme of ‘corporate responsibility and the environment’.

The winning documentary piece will be awarded $12,500 in prize money, which will be presented at the Australian International Documentary Conference on 24–26 February 2010.

The theme is based on promoting a better public understanding of the link between corporate actions and the state of the natural environment. Documentary entries are to:

-explore things like specific local or Australian environmental issues or broader, world-wide environmental issues
-aim to enhance awareness of the connection between corporate decisions and the state of the natural environment
-not focus solely on government policy issues, but can deal with the link between corporate influence and government policy.

Refer to an outline detailing entry requirements.

The closing date for entries is 10 February 2010.

On 23 September 2009, Australian Ethical announced that it would be donating $40,000 to Documentary Australia Foundation, a charitable organisation committed to encouraging and enabling partnerships between philanthropic organisations, charities and documentary filmmakers. Part of this grant will be used to sponsor the prize monies for the Australian International Documentary Conference.

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