01 September 2015
1 min read

There are some truly brilliant companies out there, so we wanted to share a neat sum-up of three of our ethical investments; from industrial-scale eco-cleaning machinery, to innovative cloud software that’s helping to create greener buildings.

Clouds with very silver linings

You might store your data – such as photos, emails, or movies – in the ‘cloud’. But cloud software has an even greater potential than perhaps you’d ever considered. Aconex is a cloud software company that brings all the benefits of the mobility of clouds to some of the biggest construction and engineering projects, improving efficiency, collaboration, and overall knowledge of the best ways to build a better future.

Squeaky green clean 

Did you know it’s possible to disinfect surfaces without chemicals? Tennant Co develops industrial-scale machinery that uses electricity, water, and a small amount of salt to disinfect surfaces for a completely chemical-free clean – without the environmental footprint associated with the packaging, transportation, and disposal of conventional chemicals. The Orbio 5000-Sc (pictured right) is one of their most popular pieces of machinery, sold and used globally.

Nurse-call and beyond

Some of the most essential equipment in all hospitals and other healthcare facilities are Nurse-call systems. Azure’s basic devices include the standard alerts for patients to notify staff with the press of a button; yet with their current global reach in over 8,500 locations, and the rise of digitalisation, the company is well placed to integrate automated smart software systems. Azure enables disparate hospital systems to communicate with each other, helping patients to get the best type of expert care almost instantly.

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