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The next generation of Aussie renewables, thanks to Infigen

They’re one of Australia’s largest publicly listed owners of wind turbines. So who are Infigen, and what makes them such leaders in Australia’s renewable scene?


31 August 2018

Infigen develops, owns and operates wind farms to power businesses and large retailers in Australia. The company owns and operates six wind farms in Australia with a seventh wind farm, Bodangora under construction, and has about 1,400 megawatts of renewable energy developments in the pipeline.

They are currently the largest listed owner-operator of wind generators in Australia by installed capacity. Infigen strives to maintain their position as a leader in renewables by staying ahead of the trends – something that’s much trickier to manage than it might seem at face value!

The next generation of renewable energy in Australia

“The energy market is going through a major transition in the way it is regulated and operated,” Ross Rolfe AO, Managing Director of Infigen Energy told us. “At the same time the cost of renewable energy production has been reducing materially.”

“Within the next decade over 3,300 MW of coal fired capacity is expected to retire from the Australian National Electricity Market. This will require a new round of growth in next-generation renewable energy investments and associated technologies that our company is well-placed to take advantage of.”

Ross explains that Infigen is at the forefront of the evolution of Australia’s energy system thanks to recent breakthroughs in a number of areas. These include:

  • Multi-purpose batteries: “Recent technology improvements mean batteries aren’t only able to store more amounts of energy, but they can also help stabilise the electricity grid and have a fast reaction time to price signals in the market.”
  • Large users with direct contracts with generators: “Infigen recognise there’s a rising interest by large commercial and industrial customers to contract directly with generators. We work closely with our commercial and industrial customers to meet their energy needs at the lowest cost.”


The Capital wind farm near Bungendore was the largest wind farm in NSW when it was built in 2010.

Steadiness in a politically uncertain environment

When you’re a clean energy company, there’s little point in getting distracted by the debate on the evidence for climate change. Yet sadly, this is where a lot of political and media discussion on renewable energy has been focussed on. Among all this, the company navigates the minefield that is Australia’s energy policy.

“Our business must withstand changes to energy and climate change policies that often result from political debate, media and public interest,” says Ross.

He explains why, at the end of the day, the market and society has and will continue to speak for itself. “The progressive retirement of an ageing national coal-fired generation fleet has favoured lower emission forms of generation over high-emitting thermal plants.”

“It’s fair to say that renewables do bring new challenges in ensuring the reliability of supply – so through contractual arrangements, clever technology-based solutions and by managing demands, we’re able to tackle issues that might arise from intermittent production.”


Why do we invest in Infigen at Australian Ethical?

We believe how money gets invested has a huge impact on the kind of world we live in. We’re committed to a fossil fuel free future, and we’re taking action to help get there by investing in clean energy. The emerging technologies that companies like Infigen are taking advantage of are essential to limit global warming.

We caught up with Infigen to find out more about what they do and how they do it.

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