05 March 2018
2 min read

A not-for-profit group called 1 Million Women is helping people to make positive choices to improve our world. It’s no small feat, but their co-founder Natalie Isaacs spoke to us about why they’re up to the challenge.

“Imagine the difference a million women or more would make if they all changed their lifestyles to reduce their impact on the planet.

“If we all bought less stuff, reduced our food waste by 50%, ate less or no meat, drove our cars less and shared more – we could create the kind of world we want to live in. That’s not to mention the massive impact people can have by using their economic power by divesting money from banks and institutions that invest in fossil fuel companies and choosing ethical and competitive investment products – such as Australian Ethical.

“Encouraging people to make greener choices is what drives the 1 Million Women community every single day.

“At 700,000 strong, 1 Million Women is a movement of women and girls from every corner of the planet taking action in our daily lives to fight the climate crisis. From avoiding plastic bags at the supermarket, to reducing our household electricity consumption by 20% to save our wallets and cut pollution, the community created at 1 Million Women is helping people to make the right choices for the future of our planet.

“Through social media channels, website, campaigns and events, 1 Million Women focuses on the day-to-day issues impacting climate change: sharing tips, tricks, and inspiration on how to make bite-sized changes that, when done together, create a huge impact. The aim is to dig deep on behaviour change to help people work through the challenges and solutions.

“The heart and soul of 1 Million Women is our supportive community. Everyone is so willing to educate and help each other out and share ideas and solutions. In the comments sections on any of the 1 Million Women Facebook page posts (which reaches four million people every week), you can find tips from the community about where to buy reusable straws, how you can reduce the amount of plastic microfibres you release washing your clothes, or the best method for removing a stubborn stain without a plastic packaged product. One member shared a photo of her success taking her own reusable Tupperware containers to the deli which many in the community said they were inspired by and so would begin doing too.

“1 Million Women is building a lifestyle revolution of women and girls everywhere no matter where on their climate change journey they are. Together, we can all rise above politics to just get on with it.

“Never underestimate the power you have through the choices you make. It’s your actions, no matter how small, that will lead to more action and take you along the road of empowerment. For more tips, check out this video we produced with Australian Ethical (also shown at the end of this article). And join in and be a part of a movement of women changing the world at facebook.com/1MillionWomen.”


1 Million Women found through their Woman Power Campaign that with a bit of effort, it’s possible to reduce energy consumption on average by 45%.

They followed 15 very different households that were fitted out with smart meters, and
provided them with an energy reduction plan that would aim to reduce their usage by 20%. But every household smashed their goal, which showed that with a bit of know-how, it can be simple to make a huge difference that saves families money and helps the planet.