17 June 2010
1 min read

Environmental artist Steve McLaren has taken out the top prize at the 2010 Australian Ethical Art Prize with his artwork Murray River Gums.

Australian Ethical is the major sponsor of the annual Australian Ethical Art Prize, held for the fourth time in 2010 at the TAP Gallery in Darlinghurst. The presentation was held on World Environment Day, with Steve a fitting winner with his artwork made from recycled materials.

Steve’s winning work Murray River Gums is about the exploitation of the Murray Darling river system and the death of trees due to rising salinity. Steve has been producing environmentally and ethically themed art for over 25 years and was a runner-up in the Australian Ethical Art Prize in 2007 and 2008.

The People’s Choice Award was won by Anna Boros with her piece Oil is the Earth’s Blood about the recent oil spill off the Florida coast. Her use of oil based paint in the artwork is an important aspect of the painting’s meaning.

CEO of Australian Ethical, Phillip Vernon said, “the Australian Ethical Art Prize provides a unique opportunity to allow people to explore ethical issues in a new and creative way.

“It also provides an opportunity to further promote ethical investment among the art community. Artists and creative workers are well represented among our investors and super members. They are people who are obviously able to look beyond simple financial returns to see how that return was generated.”