22 August 2013
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Solar cells by SunPower – who Australian Ethical invest in – have been used on the wings and horizontal tail of a solar powered aeroplane that just completed an historic crossing from west to east of the United States last month.

More solar cells will be added to the aeroplane before it attempts a zero-fuel flight around the world in 2015. On its latest mission, the plane flew for 26 consecutive hours, 10 minutes and 19 seconds. Excess energy was stored in lithium batteries so the aeroplane could fly at night.

SunPower have generated over 7,000,000 MWh of solar energy with their solar panel technology in the U.S. and worldwide.

The company designs, manufactures and delivers solar panels and systems to residential, business, government and utility customers.

SunPower performing ethically and financially

Headquartered in Silicon Valley since 1985, SunPower is the largest U.S. maker of silicon-based solar panels, with over 100,000 residential systems installed.

Australian Ethical has been investing in SunPower since January 2010 because of its industry-leading cell efficiency.

SunPower is a good choice for investors looking for exposure to solar energy for both financial and ethical reasons.

Its manufacturing facilities are located outside of China and thus have avoided the negative sentiment and trade action directed at Chinese solar panel manufacturers.

Since February 2013, when Australian Ethical re-established a position, SunPower’s share price has risen 235%

SunPower also supports our ethical charter as it develops products that enable clean energy production, thereby reducing wasteful and polluting practices.

SunPower’s solar panels generate up to 50% more power than conventional panels, making them highly efficient by producing more energy per square metre. The solar panel products allow residential and business customers to protect themselves against increasing electricity costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Last year, the company announced an industry first 25 year warranty because of their confidence in the long-term durability of their products.

Image credit: Solar Impulse