24 March 2020
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At Australian Ethical we act proudly in line with our values. Instead of watching the Melbourne Cup last year, we volunteered to look after rescued greyhounds – because no animal should experience animal cruelty for entertainment.

On 5 November 2019, we spent the day volunteering at Greyhound Rescue in Camden – one of our 2019 Community Grants recipients!

Greyhound Rescue cares for greyhounds discarded by the racing industry. They rehabilitate the dogs and find them ‘forever homes’ where they can live happy and safe lives. 

Since 2009 Greyhound Rescue have rehabilitated and homed over one thousand greyhounds. Many come into care in poor mental or physical condition after years of abuse in the racing industry.

On the day 15 of us volunteered at the shelter and we worked hard - cleaning, painting, gardening, doing bits of maintenance and sorting and sewing donated items like blankets, toys and towels. But there were lots of cuddles, and the best part was taking the dogs for a walk and getting to feed them.

We were really impressed with the shelter. It’s a safe and caring place for these beautiful animals, with kennels for each dog and a large, spacious area where they can run freely. 

But most of the time the dogs just wanted to sit down and chill out! We noticed how relaxed and non-energetic the greyhounds were, which is a very different reality to the lifestyles of many racing dogs. 

There’s so much work that still needs to be done to raise awareness about the brutalities racing-bred animals such as greyhounds and horses face. We continue to work with groups like Animals Australia and support animal rescue projects like Greyhound Rescue to ensure the end of suffering for these beautiful, sentient animals. 

It was a great day out, and we saw first-hand how our Community Grants are making an impact.

Discover more about Greyhound Rescue here.

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