16 November 2017
1 min read

Australians have returned a firm YES for marriage equality. Not only is this a win for same-sex couples, but it is a win for love, equality and human rights in Australia.

Australian Ethical has long been a supporter of gender and marriage equality and it’s great to see this belief is shared with our fellow Australians.

This vote will help make a huge difference in the lives of many and reminds us that overall, love wins. We look forward to the coming day when everyone can marry the person they love.

So what happens now?

The Australian community has spoken and we hope that government is quick to take action and make this law.

It’s now time for those in Parliament to get the job done and pass a fair-minded bill before Christmas.

Many MPs have said they will follow the results of the postal plebiscite for their conscience vote. However, others have said they will ignore the result or just use it as a guide. It’s important that we keep the momentum and tell our politicians that we want same-sex marriage to be a reality for Australia.

Why do we talk about marriage equality?

Marriage equality is about human rights, so at Australian Ethical, we have been vocal about our support. The fact that Australia is one of the few remaining countries in the developed world yet to legalise same-sex marriage has been a global embarrassment. That’s why we’ve joined many other businesses who have pledged their public support for same-sex marriage.

This result isn’t just about marriage equality — it’s also about a broader acceptance and recognition of equality for everyone. As we move forward from this as a nation, let’s do so with love and acceptance for the diversity of our differences. It is, after all, what makes us great.

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