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Here’s how we’re growing your money in 2019

31 July 2019
4 min read

Our investment team achieved strong returns in the first half of 2019 despite signs of slowing...

How we weathered the storm in 2018

20 February 2019
5 min read

Renewable energy, healthcare and fixed interest were strong performers for us in a year when global...

Investing ethically for a better world

21 December 2018
4 min read

As ethical investors we draw a line in the sand. For some sectors of the economy it’s not a question...

The rise of the (helpful) robots

08 November 2018
7 min read

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have amazing potential for the future of humanity. We...

Profit with a purpose

02 July 2018
15 min watch

Our Head of Client Relationships Leah Willis spoke about the importance of conscious capitalism at...

Investment update: looking back at 2017

26 February 2018
2 min read

Despite political risks featuring prominently throughout the year, it was a good year for share...

A word from our CEO…

02 March 2017
1 min read

At the time of writing we are only a few weeks into the new US administration and the feeling has...

A new world order: politics and markets

23 February 2017
4 min read

The world enters a transformed political era in 2017.

A pitch for ethical investing

12 May 2016
1 min read

Our Chief Investment Officer, David Macri, goes head-to-head with two mainstream fund managers to...

10 important changes to your super in the budget

10 May 2016
1 min read

The 2016/17 Federal Budget was released last week and it proposed a lot of changes to...

The Paris Agreement: a great start

14 December 2015
4 min read

Phil Vernon, CEO of Australian Ethical, is fresh off the plane from Paris! Here he expresses his...

A snapshot of the investment markets

31 August 2015
2 min read

Sit back and absorb what our experts have to say about investment in the 2014–2015 financial year.

4 tips for investing through market volatility

25 August 2015
1 min read

How to ride out volatility in investment markets.

What kind of growth is sustainable?

18 August 2015
5 min read

We asked policy analyst Miriam Lyons for her thoughts on the concept of truly green growth. Her...

Urban mining: Push to cash in on trash

26 February 2015
5 min read

Forget about below-ground mining. There’s a growing push from economists and industry to map and...

Help! I don’t want more stuff for Christmas

03 December 2014
4 min read

Rubbish volumes rise dramatically around Christmas. We need to put nostalgia aside and have a...

Disconnect between profit growth and valuations...

21 August 2014
2 min read

Our latest assessment of the outlook for the global economy.

When Australian Ethical met Dr Jane Goodall

07 August 2014
6 min read

As an organisation that is passionate about environmental issues, we were proud to sponsor Dr...

Performance: How your money has grown

07 August 2014
2 min read

Our Chief Investment Officer David Macri comments on Australian Ethical’s performance over the last...

Australian Ethical’s global macroeconomic assessment

18 July 2014
1 min read

Our latest macroeconomic assessment.

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