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Why do we invest in banks?

07 January 2020
4 min read

Australia needs a responsible and well-regulated banking sector to fund large-scale renewable...

Why divest from fossil fuels?

14 November 2019
3 min read

Fossil fuel divestment can have a real impact on a company’s prospects. By refusing to invest in...

It’s time to Quit Nukes!

29 October 2019
3 min read

We’re proud to help kick off a new campaign that’s calling on all super funds to divest from...

Why we don't invest in Coles or Woolworths

26 September 2019
4 min read

Even something as seemingly innocuous as the Woolies around the corner can have a negative impact on...

Why divestment is not a dirty word

31 July 2019
3 min read

We welcome BHP’s announcement that it will put pressure on its customers and suppliers to reduce...

Green bonds - is Woolworths greenwashing?

03 July 2019
4 min read

Woolworths has launched a new green bond which aims to improve the sustainability of its...

We are divesting from IOOF on ethical grounds

16 January 2019
1 min read

IOOF has failed over a long period to put governance and conflicts management arrangements into...

Why we don’t invest in Afterpay

03 January 2019
2 min read

At Australian Ethical we believe consumer credit can be positive for society if it is used to buy...

The case against tobacco investment

17 October 2018
3 min read

Anti-tobacco campaigner Dr Bronwyn King from Tobacco Free Portfolios lays out the investment case...

We are divesting from AMP for failing ethical...

10 May 2018
1 min read

Revelations regarding the actions of the advice business made during the Royal Commission have...

Investing in a fossil fuel free future

06 January 2016
2 min read

Australian Ethical knows that the urgency of addressing climate change requires rapid adoption of...

Global warming, divestment and unburnable carbon

04 June 2013
3 min read

The fight against global warming has a new battleground. Bill McKibben, founder of global...

Petratherm: the wrong kind of drilling

03 May 2013
1 min read

Following a thorough assessment and review process, Australian Ethical has sold out of its...

Tobacco investment and our engagement with Tomra

20 April 2013
2 min read

The article below was originally published in April 2013. Since then the Tomra AGM has happened, and...

Australian Ethical sells out of Origin Energy

16 October 2011
1 min read

Origin Energy’s Coal Seam Gas operations are too risky to be considered ethical.

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