01 October 2008
1 min read

The Wilderness Society is encouraging Australians to become Super Activists. The campaign is designed to help Australians find out whether their super fund takes account of environmental, social and governance considerations when investing their money.

With about $1 trillion invested in Australian super funds, where you direct your super can have a major influence on society and the environment.

The campaign includes a form letter which you can send to your super fund manager to find out if they take environmental considerations into account when investing your money. Australian Ethical‘s response to the questions in this letter is below.

Yes or no: do you have a formal Sustainable Investment Policy, or are you a signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment? If not, why not?

Yes – All of our investments are monitored on an ongoing basis according to the Australian Ethical Charter

Yes – We are a signatory to the UN PRI, but be advised that this does not necessarily mean avoidance of companies like Gunns – there are likely to be many UN PRI signatories with investments in these sorts of companies.

Have you carried out a climate change risk analysis of your investments?

Yes – the Australian Ethical Charter requires that we consider this issue as part of our normal investment process, and we have been doing so for a number of years now. In addition to avoiding companies in sectors such as coal, we are also proactive in terms of seeking out investments in renewable energy and other emerging technologies.

Do you invest in Gunns Limited?