24 March 2009
1 min read

For the second year in a row, the Ethical Superannuation has won the Infinity Award at the Conference of Major Super Funds (CMSF).

The Infinity Award, presented by SuperRatings, signifies the Fund as Australia’s most environmentally and socially conscious fund and a leader in sustainable investment and sustainable business practices.

The Award comes at a time when many super managers are trying to gain traction in the sustainability space.

CEO of Australian Ethical, Anne O’Donnell, said “The Award recognises Australian Ethical’s long-term commitment to sustainability and our significant experience in the area. For 23 years we have built expertise in investing in truly sustainable companies and doing this in a true to label way.

“Our positive sustainable screening means that we invest in the industries of the future. Renewable and efficient energy, organic foods, sustainable transport, recycling and water, these are the industries which will meet our future needs.

“Australians are selling themselves short when they invest their super in pale-green funds. If people want to invest in a truly sustainable way, they should put their super in a fund that specialises in these industries, not the super manager who treats sustainable investment like an add-on investment option.”