30 June 2015
1 min read

Tim Silverwood, a passionate surfer and environmentalist, shares his top five tips to solve the plastic pollution problem.

Tim Silverwood’s top tips for what you can do to help the problem with plastic in our oceans, lakes and rivers;

1. BYO

Dramatically reduce your plastic consumption by refusing disposable products like cutlery, take-away cups, wrapped napkins, plastic plates, and so on – bring your own instead.

2. Don’t drink bottled water

Bottled water devastates the environment and communities through waste, water extraction, and corporate bullying. Please, don’t support this industry.

3. Support legislative changes

Use your voice to push for legislative change. Encourage plastic bag bans and levies (in your town, State, or country) and support deposit and refund schemes on beverage container recycling.

4. Join local beach clean ups

Remember that you can make a difference everyday by just picking up a few pieces of rubbish. Check out Take 3 for groups near you.</p>

5. Get rid of your rubbish responsibly

We are all to blame here – if rubbish isn’t disposed of properly and recycled, guess where it ends up? In our oceans! So, put it in the bin.


To learn more about the problem with plastic, and some of the solutions, see our article, The Plastic Problem Facing Our Oceans.

As an organisation, Australian Ethical strives to support companies who provide solutions to global trends and problems. We invest in innovative companies who are involved in waste management and recycling, such as Interface, which empowers developing communities in the Philippines by paying them to rescue old fishing nets, which it then recycles to create high quality carpets. Find out more about our ethical approach and some of the companies we invest in here: australianethical.com.au/our-ethical-approach.