20 April 2014
3 min read

As an employer, you are required to make super contributions on behalf of all your eligible employees. We spoke to one of our employer clients, Sydney café/restaurant Three Blue Ducks.

Australian Ethical is an eligible employer default fund so we can help you meet your obligations as an employer and help you reinforce your values and ethics with your employees.

It’s not just large corporations that use us as their default super – we are finding more and more smaller local businesses looking to make a difference and ensure their finances align with their business ethos.

We’ve caught up with Jeff at Three Blue Ducks, a small Sydney based café/ restaurant who are one of our most recent employee clients to ask them what made them consider Australian Ethical as their default super and how they found the process of signing up.

Tell us about Three Blue Ducks.

Three Blue Ducks is the result of some great friends who have a passion for cooking with the freshest ingredients and where ever possible, locally grown produce. It started as a small café for the locals and over time has grown into a bigger space allowing us to open as a restaurant in the evening serving incredible fresh food.

We make a point of supporting local businesses and local suppliers as much as possible. We don’t buy things from big corporations, we serve only Fairtrade coffee and we definitely don’t sell Coke! We don’t do this to make a point or to market ourselves as unique, we just do it because all five of the owners believe it’s the right way to live our lives and run our business.

How long had you been thinking about your finances and the implications of where your money was being invested?

For us it wasn’t an issue we knew much about or had been thinking about for a long time. We actually saw a Facebook post about you guys and how you were the only super fund that didn’t invest in fossil fuels, and we were like – wow. It was a big eye opener for us that was where our money was currently going, funding an industry we were all against.

I’m responsible for the finances and for me superannuation was just one of those necessary evils you have to do four times a year as a business owner and I’d never thought beyond that. We have 35 staff and we are all very similar in our beliefs so when we found out about Australian Ethical we arranged a meeting with your team to get them to come down and explain more about how it works which everyone loved. Our team were massively positive about it, so it was then just a case of making the change.

How have you found the process?

For us, it was initially quite confusing as none of us have a finance background and accounting wise, we are learning as we go along.  Once it was explained to us though, we realised it’s actually just really simple to set up the super account and start paying into there. Obviously we can’t force our employees to roll their previous super accounts but after telling them that we’ve moved to you and why, everyone has been motivated to do it themselves – particularly as its so easy to do.

How long has it taken from seeing initial Facebook post to actually being signed up?

I think it’s taken us a few months to get it off the ground. For us it took a while purely just because superannuation is a quarterly thing and ultimately we are busy running a restaurant but from your end, once we got in touch it’s been really quick and simple.

If you’re in Sydney be sure to head down to the beautiful suburb of Bronte to check these guys out – we can vouch for the coffee and the food looked delicious! If you can’t make it there in person you can try out some of their amazing recipes yourself using their cookbook which is available online and forms a collection of their favourite recipes, all created based on the Three Blue Ducks ethos of cooking with only the freshest ingredients, sustainable locally grown produce, and utilising your own kitchen garden.

If you have a business no matter how big or small, sign up as an employer today and join hundreds of like-minded businesses and organisations doing good for their employees.