12 September 2016
5 min read

It’s easy to do your bit for our planet from the comfort of your home! Here’s 10 gadgets to help you reduce your eco-impact and build an eco-friendlier future – and you don’t even need to leave the house.

Our homes, and of course our pockets, have the opportunity to be filled with new gadgets all the time. There’s an increasing reliance in our society on technology, the production of which unfortunately can mean a lot of us are contributing more greenhouse gases than ever to our Earth’s atmosphere. But what if the very gadgets we filled our homes with were actually helping us reduce our impact on the environment?

To stop catastrophic climate change, every one of us needs to minimise wasted energy, switch to energy efficient bulbs, conserve water, buy locally-grown and made, and more. And for the technophiles among us, that might also mean they’re lucky enough to acquire some innovative new gadgets that can help create a more eco-friendly home…

1. Efergy Fixed Showered Pack, $39.95


Image via Efergy

The Efergy Fixed Showerhead with Shower Timer allows you to monitor and save water every time you take a shower. The pack includes a multi-function shower head, and an easy-clean visual display that shows your current water usage. An alarm will sound when you have used your target amount of water – it’s as simple as that! If the alarm isn’t enough to kick your teenagers out of the shower, you can always try this inflatable shower curtain that literally pushes you out of the shower with soft ‘spikes’ that grow with water!

2. Voltaic Solar Charger, $329.95


Image via Multi-Powered Products

Voltaic’s portable solar chargers can be attached to a backpack or bicycle using their universal clip systems. The Fuse 9W retails for around $200 and includes a 12,000 mAh battery for power on-the-go, anytime. Charge your smartphone, your DSLR camera or your tablet as you walk or ride.

3. Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switch, $137.99


Image via Zoxoro

Automated lighting isn’t just for offices – have you considered it in your home too? With a Maestro Occupancy Sensing System, your lights will automatically turn on when you enter a space and then automatically turn off when you leave. There are also dimmer sensors, which use less energy and help your family to fall into a healthier circadian rhythm by making rooms brighter in the day, and darker at night.

4. Bedol Water Clock Wink, $24.95


Image via Fishpond

Never miss your alarm because your batteries have run out. This water-powered clock doesn’t need electricity – simply fill with H20 just twice a year to keep it going. It’s available in several colours and designs, so you can find one to suit every room in the house. Now, if only it squirted a spray of water to get the kids out of bed on Monday mornings!

5. BytePac DIY External Hard Drive, $55.81


Image via Convar

BytePac rehouses your hard drives in eco-friendly cardboard, turning them into usable external drives. Manufactured from renewable primary products, BytePac is 100% recyclable. The Connector Kit links to your data, and is energy efficient. Archiving your hard drives is easy – just line your files up on a shelf and label them with a pen.

6. Energy Window Fashion’s motorised blinds prices vary


Image via Energy Window Fashion

Energy Window Fashion’s Motorised Blinds prevent the sun’s harsh rays from heating up a room, essentially alleviating the need to use the air conditioning. At the very least, installing blinds will prevent your A/C from working overtime. By choosing the right sort of window covering, you can help to lower heating and cooling costs by over 42%. An added bonus of motorised blinds is they’re hassle-free – no more getting tangled in the strings!

7. Energy Monitor, $99.95 (currently on special for $74.95)


Image via Reduction Revolution

A smart meter is an electricity meter that measures and records your electricity use at different times of the day. Recording every 30 minutes, it gives you a greater understanding of how you are using electricity, allowing you to make more informed decisions on the use of power in your home. The Watts Clever EW4500 Energy Monitor is a wireless energy monitor that works with a smart meter to make readings easier to understand.

8. iBamboo Speaker, $44.00 (plus shipping)


Image via iBamboo

Now here’s a tech supplement that really gets us back to basics – so much so it’s almost too simple to be called a ‘gadget’! The iBamboo Speaker is an all-natural, no-power-needed iPhone amplifier, consisting of a piece of bamboo, open on both ends and machined in a way that allows you to place it on a flat surface and enjoy. The natural resonance of the hollow bamboo speaker body amplifies sound once you have placed your iPhone in the top. And it sounds naturally beautiful.

9. ReZAP Pro Battery Charging Station, $118.00


Image via TVSN

Reduce the amount of batteries that end up in landfill with this smart product that claims to be the only charger you’ll ever need. It doesn’t only reboot rechargeable batteries – it can also charge standard alkaline batteries up to 15 times. It even comes with a multi-headed cable that also allows you to recharge external devices, such as mobile phones, iPods and cameras. Part of any self-respecting greenie’s essential kit.

10. Econo-Heat Energy Efficient Wall Heater, $125.00 (currently on special for $99.00)


Image via Amazon

For an energy efficient, effective way to warm your home in winter, this wall mounted heater saves space and uses a fancy type of convection technology to make sure your room warms up quickly and efficiently – with an added bonus of up to 50% savings on your heating costs!