18 March 2015
1 min read

Australian Ethical has announced a new partnership with 1 Million Women, Australia’s largest mass movement of women and girls fighting climate change in their everyday lives.

Founded in 2009, 1 Million Women (1MW) have grown into a community of over 300,000 engaged women and girls who save energy, cut waste and pollution, and lead societal change.

“By signing-up to the 1MW campaign online, women are encouraged to set and track their own commitments to reduce their carbon emissions by an achievable 1-tonne; it’s a simple and interesting process,” said Tara Hunt, co-CEO of 1MW.

“The online carbon audit provides over 50 suggestions for how to cut carbon from a typical daily lifestyle.”

“There’s also plenty of support through their blog and campaigns to help us all make the changes that reduce our carbon output. 1MW also hosts an active online forum where individuals can track their progress, post questions, or share useful information.”

The popularity of the 1MW movement – particularly in the last year – is impressive, and Australian Ethical is keen to help this community continue to grow.

“Australian Ethical will support 1MW as a major partner for their Women and Money section,” said Phil Vernon, CEO of Australian Ethical.

“Moving your super and investments away from carbon-intensive industries is an important and necessary action in reducing your environmental impact.”

Australian Ethical invests in line with its ethical charter, which has been unchanged since the company started in 1986. Investments must pass both a positive and negative screen.

“The positive side is equally important, as our members’ money is invested in renewable energy, energy efficient solutions, medical technology and other good things.”

1MW’s Ambassadors give regular guidance to followers, and they include some impressive women; 7-time world champion surfer Layne Beachley, Masterchef winner Julie Goodwin, singer Katie Noonan, and award-winning actress Noni Hazlehurst.

The Advisory Board includes ABC Radio presenter Bernie Hobbs, Director & CEO of the Australian Museum Kim McKay AO, and Professor Lesley Hughes from the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists.

Australian Ethical is proud to be partnering with a growing community of engaged women and girls who care about how their individual actions impact climate change specifically through their economic power.