14 December 2015
2 min read

We reckon you didn't know all 5 of these awesome facts about the Great Barrier Reef!

Fact #1 It is the largest living organic structure in the world, visible all the way from space. At over 347,000 km squares it is also the largest natural feature on Earth, sitting between Germany and the Republic of Congo in terms of size.

Fact #2 Although it's still an incredible stretch of reef, sadly it is only about half as large as it was 30 years ago. A study by the Australian Institute of Marine Science</a> found that this deterioration was due to storm damage, coral bleaching, and an imbalance in numbers of the predatory crown-of-thorns starfish.

Fact #3 It’s an extremely complex ecosystem in which most of the wildlife relies on each other for food and survival. The reef is also extremely diverse, representing almost all known groups of marine life , with only tropical rainforests rivalling its richness of species.

Fact #4 Every year around November, the reef's coral spend a week participating in mass reproduction. Over the week, the coral release sperm and eggs to continue their species' legacy in the Great Barrier Reef. This mass spawning is thought to be due to moon phases and water temperature.

Fact #5 In 1911, a passenger ship named the SS Yongala was shipwrecked on the reef. Today, over 100 years later, the body of the ship is completely covered in soft corals at a depth of 30 metres, boasting more than 100 fish species, and can be explored by advanced scuba divers.


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