Your future self is not a stranger

“Behavioural research shows that the ability to connect with our ‘future selves ’ has the potential to positively influence our long-term savings behaviour”, so don’t be a stranger! 

You’ll be amazed at the difference small payments can make over a year or a lifetime, and it doesn’t have to be much. An additional 1 or 2%, or whatever you can afford, can help you achieve the retirement lifestyle you dream of. 

How much super is enough super?

How much super you need depends on what you want your retirement lifestyle to look like. Planning for the retirement you want means you have a few questions to ask yourself; such as what will life be like during retirement, how long are you likely to live; and if there will be any big costs in your retirement (for example, do you want to travel, pay off your mortgage or renovate your home?).

A comfortable lifestyle means different things to different people and if you want to get the most out of your retirement, it's worth planning for.

A budget lets you know where your money is going and helps you save for the things you want, so it’s a good idea to think about your super retirement savings in the same way. 

You can also discuss your retirement lifestyle plans with your financial adviser, if you have one.

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Retirement income simulator

Estimate your projected super balance and how long it may last in your retirement through our retirement income simulator to help you understand if your super is on target and how to budget for your future self.