Managed Funds PDS

The Australian Ethical Financial Services Guide should be considered before making an investment decision.


Product Disclosure Statements

Please refer to the Important Notice for information on the changes to the Funds effective from 1 July 2017.

Retail Managed Funds Wholesale Managed Funds
Emerging Companies Fund Emerging Companies Fund (Wholesale)
International Shares Fund International Shares Fund (Wholesale)
Australian Shares Fund Australian Shares Fund (Wholesale)
Diversified Shares Fund Diversified Shares Fund (Wholesale)
Advocacy Fund Advocacy Fund (Wholesale)
Balanced Fund Balanced Fund (Wholesale)
Fixed Interest Fund Fixed Interest Fund (Wholesale)
Income Fund Income Fund (Wholesale)

Please note that Class Order 14/1252* applies to this Product Disclosure Statement dated 1 July 2017. The Class Order is new legislation that changes the way we are required to disclose our fees and costs to you. It applies to superannuation and managed fund products.

*(as amended by the ASIC Corporations (Amendment) Instrument 2016/1224 and the ASIC Corporations (Amendment and Repeal) Instrument 2015/876.

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