The Australian Ethical Financial Services Guide and Managed Funds PDS should be considered before making an investment decision.

Managed Funds Application Forms

New investors – download the application form

Current investors – Managed Funds Additional Investment Application Form


Other Forms

Document Description
Adviser Services Form Add an adviser to your account.
Transmission request form Transmitting a deceased estate to a beneficiary.
Change of details form Update your contact details or bank account details, or switch to being an electronic investor.
Transfer Request Form Transfer your managed fund units to another person.
Switch form Move your money from one managed fund investment option to another.
Financial Services Council (FSC) identification forms If you are a resident for tax purposes of any country other than Australia, you are required to submit the relevant Financial Services Council (FSC) identification form to us along with your initial application form.
Withdrawal form Withdraw units from your investment(s) in the managed funds.