If your insurance gets automatically cancelled because of inactivity, you can still reinstate it.

You can do this in two ways: either by sending us your opt-in form to let us know you’d like to keep your cover or through your employer contributions (there are still conditions that need to be met outlined in the information below).

  • Opting-in: For insurance cancellations that happen after 1 August 2019, you can choose to opt-in to keep your cover active. Just make sure you do it within 30 days of your insurance being cancelled (or if your cover is cancelled between 1 July and 31 July 2019, you have 60 days) so that you can keep your cover continuous without affecting your policy terms and conditions.
  • Employer contributions: For employer contributions, depending on when you receive your employer contribution, there are different terms and conditions that affect how your insurance is reinstated and there will be gaps in cover. For example, you might have to answer some personal questions about your health and go through medical screening again.

The information below outlines the details for employer contribution reinstatement.

Tip: Check you have enough money in your super account to cover the costs of the insurance payments.

    Additional information about the premium increase