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Investing in the transition to zero emissions

28 November 2019
3 min read

As well as providing strong investment returns to our customers, the companies we invest in are...

6 innovations that can save the planet

11 November 2019
3 min read

Forward-thinking businesses, communities and local councils are working hard to tackle climate...

A hopeful vision of 2040: We have the tools to...

12 August 2019
3 min read

Damon Gameau’s latest documentary is something of a rarity: a relentlessly positive film about...

Don’t get depressed – get active!

11 August 2019
4 min read

Faced with the enormous scale of the climate crisis, it’s tempting to wonder how much difference one...

The simple super switch that can dramatically...

06 August 2019
3 min read

Did you know that many super funds and banks invest your money in fossil fuel industries that are...

How you can live a 1.5 degree life

05 August 2019
3 min read

The climate emergency is real and scientists warn we must limit emissions to 1.5 degrees Celsius by...

5 easy ways to cut your carbon pollution at home

02 August 2019
5 min read

In Australia, our homes are responsible for around 12% of emissions. But there are some simple...

Ditch fossil fuel energy – renewables all the way!

01 August 2019
3 min read

Our consumption of electricity is a massive contributor to our personal emissions. But here's the...

Here’s how we’re growing your money in 2019

31 July 2019
4 min read

Our investment team achieved strong returns in the first half of 2019 despite signs of slowing...

We must stay below 1.5°C of warming

30 July 2019
3 min read

The past year has been as tough as they come for those in climate despair. We seem to be going...

Humans are causing climate change – here’s how

30 July 2019
3 min read

So, we get that climate change is happening, but exactly how are humans causing it? We explain how...

Investing ethically for a better world

21 December 2018
4 min read

As ethical investors we draw a line in the sand. For some sectors of the economy it’s not a question...

Your guide to renewable energy

28 September 2018
8 min read

Wind, solar, hydro and geothermal: They’ve all been touted as the answer to our climate woes. But...

How Powershop is disrupting the energy supply market

12 September 2018
4 min read

Here’s a company that not only shares our ethical principles, it also offers an alternative for...

Australia’s transition to renewables

03 September 2018
9 min read

Renewable energy currently makes up 17% of Australia’s total electricity generation. Dr Stuart...

We talk to Infigen about wind power

03 September 2018
2 min watch

It’s no longer an option to transition to clean energy via lower-emission fossil fuels. Our Chief...

The next generation of Aussie renewables, thanks...

31 August 2018
3 min read

They’re one of Australia’s largest publicly listed owners of wind turbines. So who are Infigen, and...

Mythbuster’s guide to renewable energy

15 August 2018
8 min read

We’re barraged with lots of renewable energy myths at Australian Ethical. So to help sort fact from...

Shining a light on community-focused social enterprise

27 July 2018
5 min read

Each year, Australian Ethical sends one employee to volunteer on-the-ground with a program we...

Two ethical companies we’re invested in

12 June 2018
2 min read

At Australian Ethical, we invest across a broad range of ethical businesses that are helping to make...

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