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Employer contributions

Usually you can decide where your super goes and if you’re starting or changing jobs,
you can take us with you - or if you haven’t had the chance to change it over it’s really easy to do! 

Your options for letting
your employer know about us


To let your employer know to add your Super Guarantee (SG) contributions from
your pre-tax pay to your Australian Ethical account you can either:

Via email

add your name and member number to this email template and send it directly to your employer

Email template to send employer

Or, via Choice of Super form

if your employer needs your signature you can complete and sign this form for them instead

Choice of super form

Things you should know

  • Your employer is not liable for the performance of the super fund you or they nominate
  • You should not seek financial advice from your employer unless they are licensed to provide it
  • Your employer has two months after you send them the email to action your request

If you’re not already an Australian Ethical member you can join now using the form below and then provide your employer with our details.

Important info

Fund ABN 49 633 667 743
Fund name Australian Ethical Super
Fund address Locked Bag 20013, Melbourne VIC 3001
Phone 1800 021 227
Electronic service address

Ready to make an earth-changingly positive contribution?