Investment Team

Our investment team includes professionals with significant experience within investment markets.

Chief Investment Officer

David Macri is the head of the Australian Ethical Investment Team. David is a highly experienced individual who joined Australian Ethical in 2009 as an equities analyst. Prior to joining Australian Ethical his extensive career included time with Macquarie Equities, Credit Suisse Asset Management, Mellon Human Resources and Investor Solutions and Mercer Investment and Consulting, covering strategic and tactical asset allocation, sell-side and buy-side research, portfolio construction as well as investment consulting.


Investment Team

Chief Investment Officer

David Macri


Portfolio Managers

Andy Gracey – Emerging Companies and Australian Shares

Ray Gin – International Shares and Diversified Shares

Tim Kelly – Fixed Interest and Income fund


Equities Analysts

Mark Williams

Mike Murray

Deana Mitchell


Quantitative Analyst

Jason Huang