The Australian Ethical Financial Services Guide and Super PDS should be considered before making a decision about your superannuation options.

Most popular forms

Document Description
Join Super Start your super account online in only a few minutes.
Choice of Super form (to give to your employer) Get your employer to pay your super to Australian Ethical Super.
Opt-in to your insurance If you want to keep your insurance, use the opt-in form.

Other Forms

Document Description
Adviser Services Form Notify us of a change to your financial advisor or to start or amend an advisor service fee arrangement.
Binding death benefit nomination form Make a binding nomination of beneficiaries who are to receive your super in the event of your death.
Change of name or date of birth form Update your name or your date of birth
Letter of compliance Provide this letter to new employers to help them make contributions to your Australian Ethical super account
Insurance Variation Form Change or reduce your existing insurance cover or apply for fixed or additional life events cover or apply for income protection insurance. Change your personal details including address, occupation category and smoking status.
Transfer of Insurance Cover Form Use this form if you currently have insurance outside Australian Ethical Super, and you’d like to transfer the cover to us.
Insurance application form To disclose personal details as part of an application for insurance. Please consider the Insurance Guide before applying for insurance.
Notice of intent to claim a tax deduction for super contributions Notice of intent to claim a tax deduction for super contributions
Withdrawal form Use this form if you want to withdraw your super from Australian Ethical or roll it over to another fund.
Employer application form (online) Register as an employer using our secure employer portal allows you to make all of your employee contributions.
Change of investment option form Update your investment option or future contribution strategy
Salary sacrifice form Complete this form and give it to your payroll officer or HR department
Protecting Your Super insurance opt-in form Complete this form and send it back to us to opt-in and keep your insurance

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Capital is a powerful force for change and choosing a super fund that invests in companies that benefit the planet and people is a powerful way to influence the world.

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