Our Ethical Approach


Negative Screen

This is important if you don’t want your money funding harmful things like tobacco, exploitation of people, old growth forest logging, or uranium & coal mining.


Positive Screen

Your money can help build a new low-carbon economy, fund medical breakthroughs, technology breakthroughs, efficient transport and more.



We use our influence to engage with the management of companies over ethical issues, with the goal of improving their ethical behaviour.

Our Ethical Charter: Unchanged since 1986

The Australian Ethical Charter is a series of statements that guide both the positive side
(investments we seek out) and the negative side (investments we avoid) of our ethical approach.

We seek out positive investments that support:

people  quality  sustainability

People, quality and sustainability

We avoid investments that harm:

people-negative  animals  society  environment-negative

People, animals, society and the environment

We engage with companies for positive change

We engage with companies that we do invest in, if they start doing something that is not aligned with our ethical values.

We engage with companies that we don’t invest in yet, if we would like to invest in the company once they’ve changed certain behaviours.

We have an Advocacy Fund and Advocacy super investment option that invests in some companies that we wouldn’t normally (because of our ethical charter), for the purpose of using our rights as a shareholder to raise ethical issues.

Dear Tomra, We like your recycling machines, but not tobacco

Australian Ethical has a zero tolerance stance on tobacco manufacturing. There is nothing positive about it.

So when Tomra – a successful company we have long invested in that makes reverse-vending recycling machines – acquired a company that makes tobacco sorting machines, we engaged with their senior management and other shareholders, and put forward a resolution at the Tomra AGM.

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