Manage your insurance

1. Opt-in to start automatic (Default) insurance even if your account balance is less than $6,000 and/or you are under 25 years.

2. O
pt-in to keep all your insurance with us, even if your account hasn’t received any money (contribution or rollover) for a continuous period of 16 months

I want to:

opt-in choice

I understand:

  • there are eligibility conditions and terms that apply to this insurance cover which are set out in the Insurance Guide
  • my insurance will continue even if my account hasn’t received any money (contribution or rollover) for a continuous period of 16 months
  • I can cancel or change my insurance at any time
  • the cost of my insurance cover will continue to be deducted from my super on a monthly basis
  • this opt-in will continue to apply even if I change my super investment options
  • if I am opting-in to keep my insurance, this opt-in will apply to all my insurance cover, including any cover for Death & TPD and income protection
  • if I had insurance but my cover ended, Australian Ethical cannot provide Default cover again unless a valid re-instatement opt-in is received
  • if I cancelled my insurance in the past, Australian Ethical cannot provide me with Default cover again.
Opt-in to keep or start your automatic (Default) insurance with us.

Under super legislation, from 1 April 2020, your 3 units of Default Death and Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance won’t start until your account balance reaches $6,000 and you’re at least 25 years old (both of these need to happen). However, you can opt-in to have your insurance start before you’ve reached these two milestones.  

NOTE: Your insurance cover will be cancelled if your super account hasn’t received any money for a continuous period of 16 months (becomes inactive). You can also opt-in to stop your insurance cover from cancelling as a result of inactivity.

If you don’t opt-in to keep your insurance and your cover ends (but you still want it), the insurer may need to assess your health in order to restart your cover – this means you may be required to go through underwriting.

REMEMBER: If there isn’t enough money in your super to cover the cost of your insurance, your cover will be cancelled. You can also cancel your cover any time if you change your mind about having insurance with us.

For more information about these key changes and how it impacts you, read our FAQs and other important information you need to know about.

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