Important notice

The ‘Find My Super’ service from the ATO is currently offline. You can still join us and let your employer know you’re with us in the meantime. 

We’ll reach out and show you how to combine your super a bit later on.

Join today to search for your super

You can search for lost super when you sign up for an account with us through our join form. If you’re already with us, you can search for lost super by logging into your member portal, and clicking on ‘Find My Super’ in your dashboard – its easy, fast and free.

Visit our insurance pages for more information or to find out how to transfer your existing cover. Any insurance you have with other funds will be cancelled when you leave, so it’s important to check your existing cover. You may be eligible to transfer the insurance cover you have with your other fund over to us. 

If you’re not sure on how to transfer your insurance or your super, we can help you over the phone. Call us on 1300 134 337.