How we take action on climate change

Climate action is in our DNA, shaping our day-to-day investing, advocacy and communication. Ever wonder what we mean when we say we’re taking action on climate change? Here it is.

Last week, we won a French award for transparency about our alignment with climate goals Image result for party emoji. In light of this, we’re taking stock of the 6 most important things we do to stay accountable.


1. We’re releasing annual sustainability reports.

A good place to start to see how we’re aligning with a 2 degree goal is through our sustainability reports. Our most recent 2016 Annual and Sustainability Report includes details of the varied ways we support decarbonisation of the economy and how we track our progress (pages 40-51).


2. We’re blogging about climate-based initiatives.

Our online blog and client magazine Good Money has many articles about our climate-related investments and action. As well as regularly updating with new articles, we email clients quarterly with links and distribute the magazine twice yearly to our full membership base.


3. We’ve got an omnibus about our climate action. Yep, an omnibus.

An omnibus is latin for ‘all’ and that’s essentially what our omnibus on climate action is. It’s everything we’re doing, reporting and targeting around climate change. Put up your feet, it’s a biggie.


4. We’re analysing the impact of companies in our portfolio.

We’re working with Ernst & Young (EY) to analyse the positive impacts of selected companies in our portfolio which are reducing emissions by recycling, generating renewable electricity, and making household insulation and bicycles. The work this year has resulted in a paper, the 2016 Emissions Crediting Project: summary of issues and results. This helps share our experience with other asset managers as a contribution to industry work on improved carbon disclosure and accountability.


5. We’re commenting on the activities our advocacy fund.

We send our clients quarterly fund reports for their selected investment options. In our Advocacy Fund reports we describe our climate change (and other) engagement activities alongside financial commentary. Check out past commentaries and reports on our website.


6. We’re being social.

Our social media pages regularly post about our activities on climate change.

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