29 May 2020
2 min read

The truth is, we can’t solve the climate crisis on our own. We need to work together. When we unite our voices and actions behind a common goal, we’re louder and stronger.

Our Living a 1.5-degree life  series is about taking individual action in our daily lives. And now over 1,000 people have taken the challenge and made some changes to limit their personal emissions.

Now let’s take our individual actions one step further and advocate for meaningful and effective climate action throughout our society.

Here are some ways to take your 1.5-degree life further.

  1. Write to your MP
    Let your local member know you want a climate policy that puts the planet first. Following the awful summer bushfires and the conversation around climate change, the pressure on our government to take action had never been greater. With COVID-19 the urgency to act has given way to another very real threat, but let’s not let one drown out the other.

    You can support the Climate Change Act here. And then send your MP a message to vote for the climate bill. 

  2. Use your vote
    It will be a few years in Australia before we can vote again, but when the time comes, align your vote with the party whose climate policy you believe will lead us into a sustainable future.

  3. Consume less
    If we all reduced our consumption a little more and shopped from locally made or sustainable businesses it would cut down the demand for products made from virgin material as well as the emissions to transport the goods. Farmers markets and local op-shops are great places to start.

  4. Educate girls
    Educating girls and empowering women through family planning are the combined number one way to take action on climate change, according to the Drawdown Project. Women who are properly educated about family planning have fewer children. We support girls’ education and family planning through our Foundation. There are other great organisations you can support individually. 

  5. Join a rally or strike
    September 2019 we went on strike with millions of students, businesses and individuals around the world to demand climate action. Not only was the energy at the event palpable, encouraging us all to keep fighting for action, but it garnered a lot of media coverage and put the climate emergency front and centre for many media networks and pressure on our leaders. 

    At the time of writing this we’re all living in some form of isolation or social distance as we tackle COVID-19. So while events have been cancelled, we can still connect through social media. Which leads us to our next point.

  6. Get vocal on social media
    Whether or not we’re in lockdown, we can still connect with like-minded people and follow organisations advocating our government and businesses to action on climate change. Just recently School Strike for Climate Change had a digital activation in lieu of physical gatherings. And there are many petitions you can add your name to.

    You might also like to join us on social media. We’re constantly talking about climate change and sharing ways we can take action.

  7. Get behind organisations making a difference
    This is something we do a lot of at Australian Ethical. We join with other organisations and businesses because we know we can amplify our voices together. Lately we’ve been signing joint statements to keep pressure on our government to ensure a green and sustainable rebuild post-COVID. 

  8. Talk to your friends
    Don’t do this alone. Bring your community with you. Share your journey on social media or have one-on-one chats with friends and tell them what you’re learning. We know sometimes it can be hard when you have people around you who don’t quite understand or flat out deny climate change, so you don’t need to convince people to change their mind. Just share your journey and maybe one or two will start taking actions themselves.

History is full of times that people gathered and united their voice behind one purpose to make a change. Like the way the world came together to fix the hole in the ozone layer. We know together we can make a change.

So are you in?