24 November 2020
2 min read

Here’s a quick guide to help you write a submission to the Federal Government about why we need a Climate Change Bill. Because now is the time.

The Climate Change Bill was tabled in Parliament on 9 November 2020 by Independent MP Zali Steggall. Thank you to the more than 90,000 people who signed their names in support of the bill. 

The Bill has been referred to the House Standing Committee on Environment and Energy and will now go to a public inquiry, which means individuals and companies can provide submissions. 

This is YOUR chance to have your say about why Australia needs to make a commitment to net zero emissions and take decisive action on climate change. 

The great news is that anyone can make a submission – and the more individuals who do, the louder our collective voice will be. 

As a business (and individuals) we’ll be making our own submission. 

Quick guide to making a submission

Below, we have some suggested copy if you’d like to include that in your submission. We recommend giving it your own flavour to make it more persuasive if you can. 

Don’t forget to make your submission by 5pm Friday 27 November 2020.  

1. Set up and validate a My Parliament Account, unless you already have one (takes two minutes), go to THIS LINK

2. Click on the ‘Upload Submission’ button in the right-hand column 

3. Under ‘Submitted Previously’ click “Log on” and sign in 

4. Under ‘Make your submission’, select the Climate Change Bill, and click next (if you get lost after logging in, go back to this link)

5. Complete your personal or business details  

6. Select your privacy level 

7. Upload your document (in one of these formats: PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT) 

8. For an overview of the Bill CLICK HERE

Suggested text for the submission

Feel free to write your own or use this text and edit it to reflect how you feel about climate change. 

As a citizen of Australia, I’m writing to ask you to enact the Climate Change Bill. 

Climate change is a real threat for all Australians and the most pressing issue of our time. 

Unprecedented bushfires, prolonged droughts and more extreme weather events are a sign of the country-wide risk our communities face without decisive climate action. 

That’s why we need a net zero emissions target by 2050. 

With other countries already committing to strong targets, I am among the millions of Australians speaking up in support of increased climate ambition from our elected leaders. 

<< Insert why you’re particularly concerned about the impacts of climate change or how it’s affecting you >> 

It’s time our country stopped obstructing global climate action and instead leveraged our enormous natural, human and financial wealth to position Australia at the forefront of global climate ambition.

Support for the Climate Change Bill is an opportunity to show the leadership on climate action our country is capable of. It will ensure Australia has a clear and positive national response to the challenges of climate change.  

This is what a large and growing majority of Australians are calling for, and what Australia needs.

As elected representatives of Australians, I am demanding you act and support this Bill and climate solutions for Australia.

What happens next? 

Following the submission period, there will be public hearings to discuss the details of the submissions and the merits of the Bill. 

If you’d like further information about the Bill contact the Climate Act Now team at admin@climateactnow.com.au.

 You can find more information here

Thanks for being part of an active community making a difference for our future.