“63% of Australians expect their advisers to incorporate their values or consider the societal or environmental implications of particular investments.”

Responsible Investment Association Australasia 2017, From values to riches, Charting consumer attitudes and demand for responsible investing in Australia.

Every adviser offers value by matching clients with appropriate investments for their unique circumstances. But stopping there misses a greater opportunity. You can provide deeper value to your clients by matching them with investments that align to their values.

With more and more Australians wanting to invest ethically, it’s important to understand how you can help your clients achieve their goals, both financially and ethically.

And that’s where we can help. We deliver competitive investment performance to clients without causing unnecessary harm to the planet, people and animals.

Investing in positive and sustainable sectors

We make investing with a clear conscience easier by offering a range of investment options.

Our Ethical Charter steers us into parts of the economy that are good for the planet, people and animals, and away from harmful sectors. As a result our portfolio differs significantly from the relevant benchmark on a sector-by-sector basis (as shown in the chart below).

We have higher allocations to healthcare, information technology and utilities, and much lower allocations to energy and materials.

sector graph.png