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Ethical investing isn’t just about avoiding the negative. It’s also seeking positive investments that drive change for good. For over 30 years this has been our bread and nut butter.

We seek out positive investments that support:

people  quality  sustainability

People, quality and sustainability

We avoid investments that harm:

People Red Crossed  Animals  Society  Environment

People, animals, society and the environment

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Ethics in practice

Our Ethical Charter has been in place since 1986 guiding the way we make investments.

But sometimes it’s hard to comprehend how it works in our everyday decision making process. So we’ve pulled together examples of the companies we invest in and those that don’t pass our ethical charter to help you better understand how we invest.

Is your super fund invested in new coal mines?

You could be forgiven for thinking Adani’s Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland is the only new coal mine being developed in Australia. In fact, Australia’s largest ‘pure play’ miner Whitehaven Coal is currently seeking approval for two new coal mines – and your super fund may be helping them do it!

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The next generation of Aussie renewables

Infigen is one of Australia’s largest publicly listed owners of wind turbines. So who are Infigen, and what makes them such leaders in Australia’s renewable scene?

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Why we don’t invest in Afterpay

Consumer credit can be positive for society if it is used to buy useful items. But companies like Afterpay focus on ‘impulse purchases’ that are more likely to push vulnerable Australians into financial over-commitment.

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Learn more about our positions on topical issues.

Real impact

Climate impact

The only way to a sustainable future is a low carbon economy. This is why we are targeting net zero emission from our investment portfolio by 2050. In 2018, our portfolio is 66% less carbon intensive than the benchmark (Sustainability Report 2018.)

Our commitment to address the climate also goes beyond fossil fuel free.

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Keep up the fight against live export

Australians were shocked when they saw animal suffering on board Australian live export ships earlier this year. People all over the country have called for an end to the trade. At Australian Ethical, we are maintaining the fight.

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Community Grants

Each year we give 10% of our yearly profits to charitable organisations and social impact initiatives making a difference (after tax and before bonuses).

Making an impact

At Australian Ethical, we’re driven by a bigger purpose than just making a profit. We believe business can and should make a positive impact on the world.

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Shining a light on community-focused social enterprise

Pollinate Energy began with the mission to change the lives of those living in Indian slum communities by providing sustainable, clean energy through affordable solar products.

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One Girl can make a difference

Australian Ethical is supporting One Girl, a not-for-profit organisation fighting gender inequality in Africa by equipping young women with business smarts.

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Make a difference

Your money can do more than growing a nest egg for your future.

It can also create a positive change for the planet, people and animals.  Join us.


What our members are saying...

"I’ve always held my superannuation with Australian Ethical. I love that my own financial future is invested in a clean, clever and humane tomorrow. It’s an easy way of being green, and the returns aren’t bad either!"

Ingrid Neilson - Communicator, Environmentalist

"Making the switch to Australian Ethical was simple, rewarding and marks another personal step towards my goal of becoming a conscious consumer."

Tim Silverwood - Environmentalist, Founder of Take 3

"Given the options of the different super funds I had, Australian Ethical Super was the only one that, according to my principles, gave me the assurance that my money was in safe hands."

Eli Buxeda - Photographer, Graphic Designer

“l have been waiting for this opportunity. For me, it is not just the money l place in the hands of those who care about the planet. It is a vote against those who make money from misery and destruction. I may be a humble crane driver but this is our world and we need compassion not misery.”

Richard Mann - former Greenpeace employee (1989)