Invest ethically

Your money could be exposed to irresponsible investments like coal, nuclear weapons, gambling or tobacco through your super or managed fund.

On the other hand, your money is also a powerful tool to create positive change, helping both you and the planet.

Your choice matters

Ethics is about making good choices, considered choices which are aligned with the things that really matter to you.

It isn’t just about avoiding the negative. It’s also seeking positive investments that drive change for good. For over 30 years this has been our bread and nut butter.

So, what are you investing in?

Don’t worry, we cleaned up the mess after filming! But indeed, coal makes a big mess, for our planet as well.

Ethics in practice

Our Ethical Charter has been in place since 1986 guiding the way we make investments.

But sometimes it’s hard to comprehend how it works in our everyday decision making process. So we’ve pulled together examples of the companies we invest in and those that don’t pass our ethical charter to help you better understand how we invest.

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Community Grants

Each year we give 10% of our yearly profits to charitable organisations and social impact initiatives making a difference (after tax and before bonuses).

Make a difference

Your money can do more than growing a nest egg for your future.

It can also create a positive change for the planet, people and animals.

Join us.

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