ASX Announcements


18/04/2017Notice of initial substantial holding – CAJ
11/04/2017Notice of initial substantial holding – 3PL
30/03/2017Change in substantial holding – PXS
30/03/2017Change in substantial holding – PXS
13/03/2017Change in substantial holding – PXS
03/03/2017Notice of change of interests of substantial holder
28/02/2017AEF Half Year Results to 31 December 2016
28/02/2017AEF Appendix 4D Financial statements for half-year ended 31 December 2016
28/02/2017AEF Shareholder Update February 2017
28/02/2017AEF Investor Presentation February 2017
28/02/2017AEF Notice of Dividend / Distribution
27/02/2017Change in substantial holding from AEF
24/02/2017Ceasing to be a substantial holder from AEF
17/02/2017Change in substantial holding for GBT
03/02/2017Change in substantial holding – PXS
25/01/2017AEF FUM at 31 December 2016
23/01/2017Ceasing to be a substantial holder – IIL
19/01/2017Change in substantial holding – IIL


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As a listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Australian Ethical Investment Ltd has disclosure obligations to the ASX and to the public.

We publish a select number of announcements on our website, however you can obtain the full list of announcements on the ASX website (ASX code: AEF).

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