Performance and Returns

Why can an ethical pension perform better?


Avoid Dying Industries

While other funds may be investing heavily in industries with an uncertain future (like coal), we’re making positive, profitable investments for the future.


Less Bad, More Good

Having unethical investments excluded from our ‘investable universe’ doesn’t lead to lower performance potential; it just means there is more money available to make positive, profitable investments.


Good Investments In The Future

We invest in profitable industries like clean energy, medical solutions, innovative technology, sustainable products, healthcare, energy efficiency and more.

“Ethical investments are winning… over every timeframe”

– The Australian, June 2015

Returns – Pensions

Returns as at 31 July 2017 1 month 3 month 6 month 1 year p.a. 3 year p.a. 5 year p.a. 10 year p.a. Since inception p.a.
Defensive 0.1% 0.4% 0.8% 1.6% 1.4% 1.9% 3.2% 4.0%
Conservative (0.7%) 0.8% 3.0% 1.1% 3.9% 4.3% n/a 3.9%
Balanced (0.6%) 1.5% 4.2% 4.1% 7.1% 9.2% 3.8% 6.5%
Growth (1.1%) 2.2% 6.9% 5.7% 8.5% 10.4% 3.0% 7.1%
Smaller Companies 1.2% 1.8% 3.5% 7.6% 13.3% 15.9% 7.8% 10.5%
International Shares (2.1%) 2.8% 7.5% 9.5% 8.1% 15.0% (0.2%) (0.2%)

Calculating Returns – Pensions

Total returns are calculated:

  • Using the exit price.
  • Net of administration and investment management fees, taxes and other costs.
  • The standard calculations are based on a member with an account balance of $50,000, which will not be relevant to all members.
  • The standard calculations do not allow, for example, for the effect of contributions to your account, insurance fees or various other matters.
  • Performance figures relating to unit prices between 1 July 2011 and 31 December 2016 have been restated following the remediation of a unit pricing error.

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