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Managed Funds FAQs

  • QHow do I invest in Australian Ethical’s Managed Funds?

    You can easily join through our online or paper application form. You can invest in more than one fund by follow the prompts in the application form.

  • QHow do I know which fund to invest in?

    We have eight managed funds ready-made for you to pick from to suit your needs. Each have different investment return objectives, asset classes and risk profiles for you to choose from based on your financial objectives and personal financial situation.

  • QCan I invest in more than one fund?

    Yes! You can find information on how to make additional investments here.

  • QHow can I track the value and performance of my investment?

    We update our historical performance monthly. Visit our performance and unit prices page. You can also log in online to check the value of your investment.

  • QHow much will I pay in fees?

    More information about our fees can be found here.

  • QHow can I take funds out of my investment?

    We understand you may need to access your funds from time to time, you can download and complete your withdrawal form, then email or post it back to us (instructions are on the form). The funds will generally be transferred to you within five business days.

  • QHow can I update my details?

    You can log in online and update your personal details, or complete a change of details form then email or post it back to us (instructions are on the form).

  • QWhat's the difference between a wholesale and a retail investment?

    The difference is the amount of fees charged for your investment with us. Most of our funds are available at a reduced fee for investments over $25,000, this excludes the Australian Shares Fund and Balanced Fund. See our Fee page for more information on our wholesale fees.

  • QHow do I register for the Investorserve portal?

    You can register for a Boardroom Investorserve account at > register now. You’ll need the information below to register for your online account:

    • Issuer: Australian Ethical Investment Ltd
    • Holding Type: Unit Trust (Mfunds will need to use CHESS)
    • Reference Number: This is your unit holding number, starting with a ‘U’ (‘X’ for mFunds investors)
    • Name: First (middle if provided) and surname. This may also be a company or trust name depending on how your account is setup 
    • Postcode: This will need to match the postcode we have recorded on your account.

    You’ll then be asked to setup a username, password and secret questions. 

  • QHow do I complete my tax for my managed funds?

    A tax statement is provided in July each year which has all the information needed to complete your tax return. You will receive a tax statement for each fund you are invested in. 

    Investors also need to consider Capital Gains Tax (CGT) in periods they have sold or transferred their investments. We’re not able to provide a CGT calculation or report, however we can provide all transaction and distribution information to allow you or your accountant to calculate this.