Balanced Fund

Why choose the Balanced Fund?


Track Record of Performance

Returns for the Fund for the last 5 years have exceeded 10% per annum.


Diversification Across Asset Classes

The fund invests in Australian Shares, International Shares, Property,
Interest-bearing investments and Cash.


Ethical Approach

Every company in this portfolio has passed Australian Ethical’s innovative positive and negative screening process.

The Balanced Fund in detail

Minimum Investment Amount


Investors that the fund may suit

Investors seeking both income and capital growth. The Fund is suited to investors who are investing for the medium-term and have some tolerance for risk.

Investment objective

To provide investors with a balance between capital growth and a moderate level of income through a diversified portfolio of assets that supports the Australian Ethical Charter.



The opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of asset types and markets to reduce the volatility of returns. Asset classes include Australian and international shares, property, fixed income securities and cash.

Risk Level

Medium – High

Recommended minimum investment timeframe

5 years

Mix of asset classes and strategic asset allocation*
Asset class Australian & New Zealand shares International shares Property Alternative
Ranges 10 – 50% 10 – 40% 0 – 20% 0 – 20%
Asset class Interest-bearing securities Cash
Ranges 0-50% 0-20%

* These are indicative asset allocation ranges for the Fund. If market movements, investments into or withdrawals from the Fund or changes in the nature of an investment, cause the Fund to move outside these indicative ranges, this will be addressed by us as soon as reasonably practicable.