Community Grants

Who is eligible?

Eligible organisations include those working for charitable, benevolent and conservation purposes as part of a contribution to a positive and sustainable society. We include in this registered charities, not for profit companies or social enterprises. If you are the latter, you must be reinvesting 100% of any profits into your enterprise’s mission. No dividends can be paid to owners or shareholders.

All of our activities are guided by the Australian Ethical Charter. When making an application, please consider the spirit of the Charter.

What do we look for?

We seek applications from organisations seeking funding for new or existing projects delivering tangible outcomes that positively impact the planet, people and/or animals. We treat each application on its merits but do have some basic requirements. For example, we require your organisation to have an ABN (or Incorporation Number) and an Australian bank account.

How can I apply?

Our 2015 Community Grants applications closed on 4 August, with the winners to be announced in October 2015.

To stay informed about the 2016 Community Grants, please fill in the below details so we can contact you via email when the next round becomes available:


AEI Community Grant Recipients 2014

Organisation Project
bus Tennant Creek Transport Inc. (NT) Providing much-needed transport for one of the most socially-disadvantaged communities in Australia
aboriginal Mungalla Aboriginal Corporation for Business (QLD) Up-skilling unemployed indigenous youth for environmental outcomes
comm garden Port Phillip Housing Association (VIC) Community garden project designed to build social connection and skills among rooming house tenants
Reading-Free2Shine Free to Shine (Cambodia) Girls scholarship program to prevent sex trafficking
orangutan2 The Orangutan Project (Indonesia) Funding Wildlife Protection Units of local people to patrol the national park and prevent poaching
exodus The Exodus Foundation (NSW) Sustainable Communities project to reduce the environmental impact of Exodus’ food programs for the homeless
pyjama The Pyjama Foundation (QLD) Funding Pyjama Angels who provide individual attention and support to children in foster care
homeless Jewish House (NSW) Refurbishment of the homeless shelter to accommodate pets of the homeless
kokoda The Kokoda Track Foundation (PNG) Microlending program for women to address poverty and provide clean energy alternatives
kids under cover2 Kids Under Cover (VIC) Scholarships for youth at risk of homelessness to complete their secondary education
SDMF# Sir David Martin Foundation (NSW) Contributing to 12 week rehabilitation programs for youth fighting addiction, mental health issues and homelessness
Timor Timor Leste Vision (East Timor) Project to install a reliable water system to deliver clean water to the remote village of Hatete
kiribati_0 Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (Kiribati) HPV vaccination program to protect women in Kiribati against cervical cancer
Deli Centre The Deli Women & Children’s Centre (NSW) Safe Healing project for women who have suffered domestic violence and abuse, especially those from Aboriginal or CALD backgrounds
egypt2 Animal Aid Abroad (Egypt) Revitalisation of the Port Said Equine clinic and training a local team to treat working equines
liberia Liberian Community Action for Unity, Social & Economic Development (VIC) Establishment of a ‘Newlife Restaurant’ social enterprise to provide skills training and employment opportunities for the West African community
delivery Delivery Cycles (VIC) A social enterprise providing employment opportunities for marginalised groups, especially refugees, through the establishment of a food delivery business