17 September 2020
3 min read

At Australian Ethical we’re extremely proud of our Community Grants program. Each year we support grassroots organisations making an impact through the Australian Ethical Foundation.

Our Community Grants is a defining feature of our role as a purpose-driven organisation. 

And this year organisations from places like Melbourne, Sydney, Borneo and Uganda will each receive a grant of up to $30,000 to help create better outcomes in communities around the world.

So if you were one of the 12,000 people who voted for your favourite organisation to receive a grant, thank you for helping us make a difference. 

Here are some of the organisations and the impact they’re making. 

Protecting the orangutans of Borneo

Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) is on a mission to protect critically endangered orangutans in Borneo and their habitat. 

Through this grant BOS will be able to rehabilitate and safely release four more orangutans back into the rainforest of Borneo where they can live free as an important contributor to the South East Asian rainforest’s biodiversity. 

BOS want to see all orangutans free from the threat of extinction, living a life in the wild, unharmed by humans. Now that’s a mission we can get behind! 

Stopping human trafficking in Cambodia 

Based in Cambodia, Free to Shine’s social work project will identify girls most at risk of trafficking. We’re helping to fund 600 social workers who will visit the most at-risk school-aged girls. They’ll address issues like poverty and family breakdown and break the cycle of poverty and vulnerability with access to education.